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PLAX RV Inflow View

PLAX probe view.jpg


Tilting the head of the transducer downward from the parasternal long axis so the ultrasound beam points dow helps evaluate the tricuspid valve, right atrium and right ventricle.  

In this position the ultrasound beam (light blue) cuts the heart through the right ventricle and triscupid valve. 


This is how the view looks in a still frame.

RVinflow view.jpg

MB - moderator band, CS - coronary sinus, RA - right atrium, PL - posterior leaflet, AL - anterior leaflet, RV - right ventricle, IVC - inferior vena cava

This is a video clip of an ideal view 

Note in this view you don't want to see any of the left ventricle in an ideal view.  

Color Doppler

This is the first assessment for tricuspid regurgitation. This individual only has very little regurgitation (downward high velocity color jet)

RV inflow CW.JPG

With CW Doppler the RV systolic pressure can be estimated using 4V^2 plus the RA pressure. Here the velocity is 2.8m/s 32mmHg plus the RA pressure. 

CW Doppler

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