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I'm an advanced echocardiographer interested in valve disease and medical education. This site came about from a labor of love, realizing during my training that that was very little out there to help trainees learn echocardiography. With growth of online media, it has become easier to learn echocardiography and see interesting cases but there is still need to curate that content into ways that are best situated for learners. I hope this site will help you along your echocardiography learning journey. 

Atif Qasim, MD MSCE

The Brief Story


My mission is to provide free education on this site for you to learn all about echocardiography. Seeing many examples of something will help you recognize it in real practice. Having access to learning materials on the fly from your computer or smart phone can help you educator yourself and others in real time in the echo lab, on rounds or in other settings. 

Reuse of Materials

I hope you use these materials to educator yourself and others. Feel free to use any of the content here and on my youtube channel for free, but please provide credit to this site and me or other authors. If questions arise or if you have suggestions for improvement, please send me a message in the contact section.

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