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Probe Apical 2 left hand.jpg

Transducer Position: By rotating the probe approximately 90 degrees counter clockwise from the apical 4 chamber position, the apical 2 chamber view can be obtained with the indicator at 12 o'clock (arrow). 

Apical 2 C cut.jpg

Note that with the probe tilted anteriorly the ultrasound beam place slices through the aortic valve and aortic root. 

A2C view.jpg

AV - aortic valve, RV - right ventricle, LV - left ventricle, RA - right atrium, LA - left atrium, MV - mitral valve, TV - tricuspid valve

The Ideal 2 Chamber view


This view is excellent for assessing wall motion of the inferior wall, anterior wall and apex. It is another useful view for assessing the mitral valve. Note the descending thoracic aorta can also be visualized in this view if off axis imaging is used whereby the LV will appear more foreshortened, as shown below. 

Off axis imaging, descending thoracic aorta

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