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Probe Subcostal IVC view left hand.jpg

Transducer Position: Rotate the probe counter clockwise from the 4 chamber subcostal view (3 o'clock) and when you get close to 1, or 2 o'clock, stop. The probe marker should be pointing toward the left shoulder). You can then fan across all the different levels of the short axis from subcostal views. 

Short Axis, 3 valve review at the Base

Similar to the parasternal axis you can see the aortic valve, tricuspid valve and pulmonic valve. This is a great view to use to assess for aortic valve morphology and to pulse the RVOT and pulmonic valve especially when parasternal views are limited or are of poor quality. This view may be better in individuals who have a heart that is positioned lower. Additional views can be obtained by pointing the ultrasound beam more apical

Short Axis Mitral Valve

Short Axis Mid Ventricle

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